Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Plate Tectonics with Mrs. Gunn

Mrs. Gunn, my next-door colleague, is an amazing teacher. While my strength in teaching is lecture and discussion, Mrs. Gunn teaches primarily with collaborative groups and hands-on activities. Several times per week we co-teach geography with our homeroom students. One day last week I hosted Mrs. Gunn's class while they illustrated the water cycle in their interactive notebooks, and my students went to her classroom so she could teach them a hands-on lesson about plate tectonics using cake frosting and graham crackers. The best part of the lesson was that at the end they would get to eat their activities. Now that's a way to keep students attentive!

Mrs. Gunn teaches near Sean's table.

An edible activity. Yum!

Aaliyah and Anisha get in the mix.

Mrs. Gunn gave the students the following four definitions for their interactive notebooks:

plate tectonics - the theory that pieces of the earth move and change shapes

convergent boundary - when two plates collide

divergent boundary - when plates move away from each other

transform boundary - when plates slide past one another

Mrs. Gunn demonstrates a transform boundary at Shayla's table.

Michael enjoys eating his project.

Aaliyah and Shayla think it was a sweet lesson!

Thank you, Mrs. Gunn!


georgette said...

OMG i loved that project and we got so sick cuse we ate so much
georgette salem
i am so sorry i forgote your birthday so happy late birthday!!!

DeeDah said...

Mr. Blount, it's Emily F. I just wanted to say that I loved this project! Mrs. Gunn did a great job explaining everything. Mom did a great job taking the pictures.

Emily R. said...

hey Mr Blount its Emily R. 2nd period we didn't do that in Mrs. Gunns class but it looks very fun.

p.s. The blog looks great

Anisha said...

Hey Mr.Blount i love your website
Now i know how to post a comment
also your website it so cool
i love the picture of Aaliyah and me getting in the mix
I love that picture even though thats the only picture i am in any ways but still i love it
from your goofy student:
Anisha Patel ☺