Saturday, April 26, 2008

Featured Student: Eddie

I chose Eddie as our newest featured student because I am so proud of him. Eddie did not start the year well academically. Not because he didn't have the ability, but because he made some bad choices.

Even though it got him in trouble occasionally, I always admired his sense of humor. I recall once in class when we were talking about things mothers say that don't make sense, like "Don't you look at me in that tone of voice!" Eddie volunteered, "You shut up when you're talking to me!" I thought I would fall off my stool laughing. Of course, for the next few days I had to use Eddie's line every chance I got until I wore it out. I still use it if I get a chance.

As I was saying, Eddie's grades plummeted during the first semester primarily because he elected not to do certain assignments, including his book responses, which are weighted heavily in my class. When the third grading period started, Eddie decided to change his ways. As far as I know, it had nothing to do with anything I said or did as a teacher. Eddie just decided that he wanted to pass sixth grade and elected to get his act together

Last grading period Eddie made an A in both reading and language arts with no missing assignments, and he has kept it up so far this grading period. Eddie is also one of my best oral readers. Along with Landon, he helped me out a lot when my voice was out of commission while we were reading A Dream of Freedom during our civil rights unit.

Way to go, Eddie!