Sunday, July 13, 2008

Summer Reading: Elephant Run


Chance AKA Fidelis, one of my wonderful former students, bought me Roland Smith's newest book, Elephant Run, at the Scholastic Book Fair last spring. I was completely taken by surprise with his gift because typically book purchases work the other way around. When I asked him why he would spend so much on a pricey hardcover, he told me he knew I liked Roland Smith, and he knew I would like this book. That made the gift of this book especially meaningful to me because I knew Fidelis had put some thought into it, and it showed how well he knew my literary tastes.

I wasn't able to start reading the book until this summer, but I am nearing the halfway point of Elephant Run, and Fidelis, you made a good investment with your gift. Not only is this book another great adventure novel, it is also historical and set in Southeast Asia during World War II. And I love historical fiction!

Thanks again, Fidelis!


Sydney said...

Wow Southeast Asia, and during World War II. That must be a great story espicially from another persons point of view.

Sydney said...

So did you finish the book? How was it??

Nathan's Uncle said...

I haven't finished it yet, Sydney. I'm also reading three other books at the moment.

Sydney said...

Well are the other books interesting, and I'm reading The Sacrifice and to me so far it's pretty good.

Nathan's Uncle said...

So glad you are reading during the summer, Sydney. The other books I'm reading are The Jesus I Never Knew by Phillip Yancey, The Zookeeper's Wife (about hiding Jews in the Warsaw Zoo during the Holocaust), and The Prince of Frogtown by Rick Bragg. I am enjoying them all.

Mr. B

Sydney said...

Wow... well I am reading The Sacrifice. It was in Schoolastic. Well so far it's good.

Holly said...

This is Holly Turcich.Wouldn't you agree that I didn't read that much last year?I did read but not as much as I used to.But I think that's about to change...we just got back from WV on Saturday.You won't believe this but last year, I saw Nalely(I hope that's how you spell it....)reading this book called The Pretty Commitee Strikes Back.I never knew it was in a series but while we were in WV we had to go to Krogers and I was looking around and found a small stand of books.I've been looking since the last nine weeks of school for a series that Alexis got me hooked on.I didn't find it,but I saw the book Nalely was reading,and realized it was in a series.I read the back of the first book in the series The Clique and decided to buy it.I didn't start reading it until last night,but I practically fell in love with the book!I read until one in the morning last night and I still wanted to keep reading,but I figured it was late and I better get some rest.I read as soon as I woke and ate breakfast.Time slipped away and before I knew it I had been reading for over two hours!That reminds me...I HAVE to finish it today!Bye!

Fidelis said...

Ur welcome mr.b and im workin on my book again ^_^ AND IVE LEARNED MORE TEXT TALK skyler in the wheel is suppose to show u wat i let him read to DELTORA yeeeeesssssssssssss and my new word is yeeeeesssssssss hehe

Your former student,

Fidelis yaaah